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Cowboy boots are a thing yet again. Street style, Instagram, and the new shoe arrivals on every cool shopping site are proof positive of this. That said, the Western boots that fashion girls are buying this season are decidedly more polished than the rugged styles of the past, and we’ve noticed that there are certain things they’re simply not wearing with their chic new boots. Alternatively, we’re also here to talk about what to wear with cowboy boots.

The tricky thing about cowboy boots is that they’re more specific than, say, Chelsea boots. If you wear them with pieces that conflict with their aesthetic, it may look a little confusing. If you wear them with other boldly Western pieces, it can look like Halloween came early.

Fashion people have been honing their cowboy-boot-styling skills in recent weeks, and we’ve been keeping track. Scroll on to find out which pieces stylish women have been keeping far away from their cowboy boots and which pieces they’re wearing with them. Oh, you can shop the coolest styles on the market along the way.   

Wearing things with cowboys boots that are also Western inspired can come across as costumey. That’s why we love the contrast that animal print provides.

Athleisure and cowboy boots don’t really mix, but the fashion crowd has been quick to pair them with polished pieces, which make the boots look particularly chic.

Tons of accessories and complicated outfits, in general, can distract from your cowboy-boot moment. On the flip side, simple looks like jeans and a tee or turtleneck can’t fail.

We love the unexpectedness of pretty pieces (e.g., ruffled skirts and pink lace) and classic items, such as a trench coat, with Western boots. That being said, embellishments such as sequins and fringe can come across as over-the-top.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated. Next up, 5 Boot Trends to Buy and Skip This Fall, According to Our Editors

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