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There are two possible approaches to this issue. Firstly, are you looking for the sport where favorites most often take the win home so that one can make a long streak of small winning bets?

Secondly, are you looking for the sport with the highest odds and the highest return of investment or ROI?

Sports That Bring Small, But Almost Certain Profit

Here are the sports that will allow you to make low-risk bets with equally small profits.


Soccer moneylines usually have decimal odds. The favorite is often given a 1.20 chance to win, which means that if you wager $100, you will get $120 if your bet wins. Hence, you will make a $20 profit.

Soccer ROI

For example, if you placed a $1,000 deposit and after some time you noticed that the sum in your account was $1,100, your return of investment would be 10%, which is a perfect start.

Soccer Yield

On the other hand, your yield relates to the number of bets you’ve made to make your profit. Not all bets are winning, so only the winning ones count towards your yield. If you manage to reach a yield of over 3%, you can think of a career in soccer betting.

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Tennis is another very predictable sport with a clear favorite in each top-level match. Big tennis tournaments attract viewers with their high future odds. The latest promo code for DraftKings boosts your bet x 100.

Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas both have a 4-1 chance to win this year’s French Open. So, if you bet $1 on either player, boosted a hundred times by the sportsbook, you could possibly win $400!

Sports With the Highest Odds

The higher a sportsbook’s odds for a particular market are, the more unpredictable the games.

College American Football

It makes sense to bet on college sports because your winning bets will bring higher profits. However, as there are fewer games in a college football season, bettors have less room for errors if they are after a good yield.

Profitable Bets Come Over Time

The truth about sports betting is that winning streaks come with time. You’ve got to make a big initial deposit to buy more betting time on a sportsbook’s website.

You will thus have enough time to analyze your losing bets and work out a winning strategy in the long run.

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