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Love is in the air with many Nigerians’ falling in love, while some others are on social media posting comments like “God When” on social media posts of those in love.We have curated 3 things you can do in Nigeria to show you care about your loved ones, and they are applicable any time of the year.Sight see Lagos from the topWith the launch of Vetifly in Nigeria, an end-to-end mobility company that transports people from one point to another in a fast and safe way, you and your lover can now book sightseeing trips from the comfort of your phone.Do you want to see the beautiful city of Lagos from inside a helicopter? Do you want to propose to her or him, and intend to make it a memorable experience? Do you want to give your lover the experience of a lifetime? Sightseeing Lagos from a helicopter is one experience you should book for this weekend.  Spend the entire weekend together in a hotel of your choiceSpending quality time together is one experience that many lovers have long taken for granted. Do you want to renew the spark in your relationship? Do you want to renew the energy that your relationship normally possesses but has lost? Do you think that the fire is no longer in that relationship? Build a romantic relationship with him or her today by spending the entire weekend together, and you can also add sightseeing Lagos from the skies as part of the itinerary to make it truly memorable for you and your loved one.  Travel with a GroupGroup tours are a true bonding experience especially when shared with people that are also in romantic relationships. Due to the popularity of this key bonding and learning activity, many people now see this as a way to express affection. Whether the tour is at beautiful resort or a tourist attraction, Vetifly is here to take you anywhere that sparks romance, creates memories and helps you celebrate the ones you love.Helicopter rides are now available in Nigeria, at the tap of a button. To book your first flight, download the Vetifly app on your Android and iOS devices here: https://vetifly.com/download. You are likely to get the best prices if you book well in advance of your scheduled travel date. Prices are typically higher closer to the travel dates to encourage more advance bookings. You can book up to 90 days into the future via the Vetifly app.For more information and inquiries visit: https://vetifly.com/faqsABOUT VETIFLYWith Vetifly, you can have a unique and memorable romantic experience while literally being on top of the world. You can also take advantage of our premium cars that are available for both pick-up and drop-off to and from different approved helipad locations.Booking a helicopter ride to enjoy a memorable experience alone, with a loved one or with a group of friends is only a tap away on the Vetifly app – select your preferred start point for a sightseeing experience on any of our curated sightseeing flights, book your seats and you’re on your way to a truly unforgettable experience, for only a fraction of the typical price. If you are looking for an exclusive romantic experience, or a group tour with friends, you can charter a helicopter of your choice on the Vetifly platform to suit your needs.The post With the Launch of Vetifly, You Can Now Do These 3 Things with Bae appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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