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A woman was kidnapped by a childhood friend who then tortured her for 3 days before beheading her, police allege. Zahir Jaffer, 30, the son of a wealthy property tycoon, has been charged with the murder of Noor Mukadam in Islamabad, Pakistan. Noor, 27, who is the daughter of an esteemed diplomat, went missing in July.  While her parents waited for her to return home on that fateful day, they got a call from her explaining that she and friends were heading to Lahore, police reports state.  The following day, Jaffer, out of no where, rang Noor’s parents to inform them she was not with him, only for them to be told of her death at the tycoon son’s home. Noor’s dad, Mr Mukadam was told to visit the police station and was then taken by officers to Jaffer’s residence to identify the body. Jaffer and Noor reportedly grew up as family friends.   Jafffer’s parents, Asmat and Zakir, who run one of Pakistan’s largest trading and project management firms, have been accused of “not only causing abatement” but also for making the “utmost efforts to wipe off evidence”. Jaffer’s parents knew about the kidnapping, according to the judge in a statement seen by dawn.com, and had “prompt information” about the horrors allegedly conducted by their son. Rather than calling the police to the crime scene, Asmat and Zakir had therapists check up on their son after he told them what had happened. The parents must remain in custody until August 23 following a rejected request to be released on bail. Noor’s death has sparked protests in Pakistan, with #JusticeforNoor trending on Twitter. The post Woman kidnapped by wealthy childhood friend and beheaded after ‘three days of torture’ appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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