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Manchester United forward, Edinson Cavani, could be heading for a club versus country row.

Premier League clubs this week vowed not to release players for international duty, if they were traveling to red list countries, where players would have to quarantine on their return to the UK.

Cavani’s Uruguay have three World Cup qualifiers in September, which he does not want to miss.

The president of the Uruguayan Football Association, Ignacio Alonso, was confident Cavani would be released.

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“The clubs are obliged to release the players [for FIFA dates] and cannot impose any sanction on the players [if they join their national teams],” said Alonso.

“It seems to me that FIFPRO must show its voice on this issue.

“Yesterday we spoke with [Oscar] Tabarez [Uruguay’s head coach] and tomorrow we will compose the squad list with all the players [from all leagues].

“The [plane] tickets are already booked. I spoke with Cavani and I believe that the solution will come.”


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