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I know I’m not the only one who’s been endlessly entertained by TikTok. Sometimes informative, other times absurd, the app definitely knows how to keep people coming back for more—and this was particularly true when the University of Alabama’s rush process captivated everyone a few weeks ago. 

From a fashion perspective, it was fascinating to see what Southern college students are wearing right now, which included the shoes that Reese Witherspoon just wore: Golden Goose sneakers. Photographed deboarding a plane, Witherspoon wore the brand famous for its ultra-expensive, pre-dirtied sneakers that have apparently taken hold of Gen Z these days. Scroll down to see how Witherspoon styled them for traveling, and shop more affordable sneakers we also love. 

On Reese Witherspoon: Golden Goose sneakers

Witherspoon wore these shearling-trimmed versions to stay cozy on the plane. 

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